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Understanding Basic Medicare

Understanding Medicare Many people might be familiar with Medicare as coverage for major medical situations, such as hospitalization or emergency services. But there is much more to Medicare. Understanding the different parts of Medicare can be difficult. Each component means something different for your health care and your financial bottom line. A General Explanation of Medicare Medicare is a health…

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FIRE! Are You Prepared?

On October 8, 2017, a series of fires started burning across our state, destroying over 245,000 acres in Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, Butte and Solano Counties. These fires were the costliest group of wildfires in the history of California and the most destructive, causing at least $9.4 billion dollars in insured damages. So we must ask ourselves, can this ever…

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There is Little Drama in Probate Court!

Lauren studied herself in the mirror and grinned.  She looked absolutely perfect: Designer dress, classic heels, just a touch of make-up. Being the executor of her father’s will was going to be so much fun! There were going to be all those good-looking lawyers and the grouchy judge who silences everyone with the crack of a gavel. Oh, and maybe…

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Probate Takes Time

When John was named the executor of his mother’s estate, he expected the process to take a month, at the most.  “After all,” he told his wife, Holly, “Mom didn’t have much. I’ll just fill out the forms and turn over the will, and I’ll be done.  Easy peazy.” Holly smiled at her husband, her eyes filled with amusement.  “I…

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Probate Requires a Diligent Executor

Mary was ill-prepared for the drama that was probate. “I mean, seriously,” she told her friend, Amy. “Who would have thought Uncle Harry would leave his estate in such a mess?  I found deeds, contracts, promissory notes, life insurance policies, and wills, multiple wills, in his house, stuffed in the trunk of his car, in his shed, even in his…

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