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Guidebooks: The Estate Planning Essentials Series

The Absolute Trust Counsel team is pleased to provide a library of free articles, checklists, guidebooks and more to address the most common estate planning questions and concerns in practical, easy-to-understand language. We have authored each publication as part of our commitment to provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to educate yourself about the estate planning and make the planning process pleasant, convenient and efficient.

Guidebook 1:

A Will is Not Enough – Securing Your Legacy with Estate Planning

Life can change in an instant. A will is not enough to be prepared. Get free access to our actionable guidebook and start protecting your legacy today.

Guidebook 2:

Estate Planning – Beyond the Basics

The Essential Guide For Estate Planning Beyond the Basics. Learn how to comfortably define gray areas and assess your own unique needs to effortlessly build a secure future now.

Guidebook 3:

An Introduction to Family Trusts

Building your estate plan couldn’t be easier. Get our free introductory guide to the number one used estate planning tool, family trusts, and understand exactly how we plan to protect your family.

Guidebook 4:

Trust Administration – What Every Trustee and Beneficiary Needs to Know

Are you a Trustee or Beneficiary? Trust administration is much more work than it seems. Let us help you navigate the complicated steps required by law.

Guidebook 5:

Interviewing Tips – What to Ask A Prospective Estate Planning Attorney

Looking for the right estate planning attorney? Let us empower you to have the final word. Get a free copy of our interview tips straight to your inbox.

Guidebook 6:

Medi-Cal Planning from Start to Finish

Have you thought about long-term care? Do you know how you will finance it? Or, maybe you’re already receiving care, but you are wondering how much longer you can afford it. Together, we will explore your long-term care options and review how to protect your hard-earned assets while still maintaining the level of care you need.

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