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Your Trust Administration Guide

Let Us Help You Get the Legal Work that Has to Happen Done

A family member has passed, and now you are the trustee, but where do you start administering the trust? Trust administration is a long and detailed process requiring much more work than many people know or understand. At Absolute Trust Counsel, California Estate Law is the only thing we do, and trust administration is one of our specialties.

Our job is to help you not only handle all the legal work that has to happen but also carry out the wishes.

To get things started, we’d like to offer you a free 20-minute introductory call. During this trust administration roadmap discovery call, we’ll:

  1. Gather information about the trust and discuss your needs.
  2. Answer your questions about our processes.
  3. Assist you in completing the purchase of your $500 roadmapping session.
  4. And help you get your meeting scheduled with an attorney.

During this call, no legal advice will be given, and there is no obligation. This is just a short conversation to learn more about your trust and to purchase and set up your trust administration roadmapping session.

Put your trust in us. Please select a date and time, and let’s get the process started.

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the exceptional service Kirsten has given my family. Kirsten Howe, Attorney at Law, has been a blessing for our family in numerous ways. In late 2006 we suddenly lost my beloved father. The complicated dealings of settling my parent’s estate combined with managing the small businesses that he owned were daunting and overwhelming. We were referred to Kirsten during this difficult time and could not have asked for a better legal representative. She was emotionally supportive and took the time to educate our family throughout the process of setting up trust accounts, updating wills, gifting of assets, the dissolution of companies, and establishing new businesses. Her organizational skills are excellent and she worked quickly and efficiently. Kirsten’s business is executed with the utmost professionalism yet she provides a customer service that feels comfortable and welcoming. Kirsten has become our family attorney and friend and I would again like to thank her for all she has done.”

-Taralynn A.

Your Trust Administration Guide

Let Us Help You Navigate the Process with Ease and Get the Trustee’s Job Done

Trust administration is a long and detailed process requiring much more work than many people know or understand. And if you miss a step or make a mistake, you could be held liable. Download a copy of our Trust Administration Flyer for more information on our roadmapping session and how to get started.