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Don’t Ignore Your A/B Trust

There are many different kinds of revocable living trusts out there. It’s not really important that you understand much about all the difference kinds, but it is important that you understand what kind you have. This article is focused on trusts for married couples, and in particular on what the trust says must happen when the first spouse dies. There…

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Probate Requires a Diligent Executor

Mary was ill-prepared for the drama that was probate. “I mean, seriously,” she told her friend, Amy. “Who would have thought Uncle Harry would leave his estate in such a mess?  I found deeds, contracts, promissory notes, life insurance policies, and wills, multiple wills, in his house, stuffed in the trunk of his car, in his shed, even in his…

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Trustee Compensation is a Complex Issue

When MaryAnne’s father died, she was quite surprised to learn that she had been named trustee of the family trust. After all, her brother, Daniel, was a banker, and her sister, Katy, was a lawyer. She was a wife and mother with an unused elementary education degree. “Why would Dad name me trustee?” MaryAnne asked. “I have no qualifications. Heck,…

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