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What Happens to a Mortgage Upon Death?

Sally stared at the notice from the bank and frowned. “What’s that?” her husband, Bill asked. “Another bill for your dad?” Sally nodded. “But this time it’s his monthly mortgage payment. I wonder if we need to pay it. He’s only been dead five days. Maybe they aren’t aware of it.” Bill snorted. “Why pay the mortgage if he’s dead?…

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Carefully Consider Reverse Mortgages to Avoid Costly Mistakes for Your Nursing Home Plans

Reverse mortgages can be very useful for certain clients in that they allow homeowners to tap into their home equity without selling their home even if they don’t have the income to qualify for refinancing. For clients who may be interested in applying for Medi-Cal to assist with nursing home expenses it is important to understand how a reverse mortgage…

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What is a QPRT? 

A Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) is an estate-planning tool that allows individuals to retain the right to live in their home for a specified period of time while also providing for the eventual transfer of a home at a lower transfer tax rate. A grantor using the QPRT transfers title to a personal residence to the trust (either a…

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