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Determining Mental Capacity in Estate Planning

Aunt Minnie may appear to be a little flighty and forgetful, but does that mean she is incapable of creating and legally executing (signing) a will? The answer is complicated.   The preparation of an estate plan, which may include a will, trust, and/or other documents, involves many steps.   Assets and liabilities must be identified and decisions need to be made…

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Divorce and Estate Planning

Documents to Review After Divorce or in Anticipation of Divorce Going through a divorce can be emotional and overwhelming. However, if you are recently divorced or are considering a divorce, do not forget to review your estate plan to determine if you need to make changes to ensure your estate is protected from an ex-spouse and the plan reflects your…

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A Quick Explanation of Special Needs Trusts

Were you aware that there are about 75 million people in the United States with disabilities? That’s about 25% of the population!  Did you know that 53% of disabled people are over the age of 50?  The U.S. Census Bureau has labeled disabled Americans the country’s largest minority population. Consider this story from a recent New York Times article: According to…

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Should I Write My Own Will?

We live today in more of a ‘do-it-yourself’ world and that goes for legal topics as well. It started with an avalanche of self-help legal books. Then the law became much more ‘form driven’ whereby one plugs information into online forms and/or templates and prints them out for filing or files them online. Add to that the large number of…

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