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Avoid Probate of Your CCRC Refund

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) often require new residents to pay an entry fee in exchange for lifetime housing and priority access to healthcare, in addition to a monthly fee. These entry fees can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In many cases, a sizable portion of the entry fee may be refundable to the resident if they move…

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Estate Planning for Your Pets

For most of our clients, the family pets are just that – family.  These pets are valued members of the extended family and, for some, the pets are their primary family.  With such an important place in the family, it makes sense to want to provide for them if something unfortunate occurs, such as incapacity or death. Often, the only…

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IRAs Create Special Estate Planning Concerns

Eighteen-year-old Sarah tried to calm her excitement. She had been named the beneficiary of her Grandpa Jack’s IRA (Individual Retirement Account). While all of the grandchildren had been named in Grandpa Jack’s will, she was the only one to get a separate gift. Visions of a new car and new clothes began to dance through her head. “Your grandfather named…

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