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Have You Suffered Unexplainable Investment Losses?  Have You Started Questioning Any of Your Financial Advisors’ Decisions?

If the title of this blog caught your attention, possibly you have found yourself questioning whether your financial advisor’s recommendations for your portfolio are in line with the goals you both discussed.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if your situation may need attention: Have you seen a dramatic drop in your account value? You’ve been…

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IRAs Create Special Estate Planning Concerns

Eighteen-year-old Sarah tried to calm her excitement. She had been named the beneficiary of her Grandpa Jack’s IRA (Individual Retirement Account). While all of the grandchildren had been named in Grandpa Jack’s will, she was the only one to get a separate gift. Visions of a new car and new clothes began to dance through her head. “Your grandfather named…

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2890 N. Main Street, Suite 206
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