025: The Exploration of Legacy Planning and Charitable Giving with Michael Crvarich of the John Muir Health Foundation

Absolute Trust Talk Host Kirsten Howe brings you a powerful new episode featuring Michael Crvarich, Vice President of Legacy Giving at the John Muir Health Foundation. Michael started his career as a public accountant specializing in high-end financial and estate tax planning at international accounting firms such as Ernst & Young and Arthur Anderson. After eight years he found a new opportunity in the Office of Gift Planning at the University of Washington. Over the last eighteen years, Michael has worked with individuals and families at the University of Washington, University of California, Irvine, and the John Muir Health Foundation to help implement a values-based approach to philanthropy known as Legacy Planning.

Legacy Planning is a donor-centered approach that recognizes that philanthropic decisions are connected to an individual’s core value system and seeks to integrate the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions of a person with an organization’s core social mission. In this episode, Kirsten and Michael dive into the details behind this gift planning approach, how the landscape has shifted with recent changes in law, and how families can successfully go about becoming involved in charitable giving.

Highlights from Episode #025:

  1. What is your WHY behind your donation? Share it with your family members – it gives them opportunities to share your values and what’s important to you. It can provide a sense of pride and inspiration to others who hear your story and your WHY.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask the charities you support to help you with the process of sharing their history and your reason for supporting them.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

3:28 – Michael highlights the mission of the John Muir Health Foundation

6:37 – Kirsten and Michael discuss how the changes in tax law have had an impact on charity

10:30 – Michael shares what he has seen because of the changes in tax law

17:55 – What is the John Muir Health strategy on growth?

19:09 – Michael shares some of the growth accomplishments built out of the successful partnerships of the John Muir Health Foundation

21:49 – Michael discusses vehicles in which families can get involved in charitable giving

Episode #025 Freebie:

Don’t miss out on the chance to plan, build, and share your legacy planning story. Along with this episode, legacy planning expert and guest Michael Crvarich is offering exclusive access to a few valuable planning tools:

  1. A Workbook on creating a family mission statement  – This resource allows you and your family to go through the process of identifying shared vision, values, goals, and purposes. It will then guide you in crafting your mission statement, tagline, or phrase for your family.
  2. A variety of E-Booklets that explore the different ways of giving under the new tax law.
  3. Visit givehealthjmh.org/Legacy for a look at these and other informative tools.
  4. 1-hour consultation – For anyone interested in exploring values-based philanthropy and giving, or to discuss philanthropy in general. Call John Muir Health Foundation at 925-947-4449 or email Michael.Crvarich@givehealthjmh.org and mention the Absolute Trust Talk podcast.

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned in This Episode:

John Muir Health Foundation

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