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You Can Complain About Poor Hospice Services

Sharon stared at the bill from the hospice that had cared for her mother in her final days. “I can’t believe they charge so much for such crappy care. Heck, Mom almost died while they were transporting her. They clearly didn’t know what they were doing.” Her friend, Lynda, nodded. “They were pretty bad. I remember how upset you were…

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Assisted Living Industry Struggles to Accommodate Growing Dementia Population

The rapidly increasing population of dementia patients in assisted living facilities is challenging not only the facilities providing the care, but also the safety of the other non-afflicted seniors who reside there. Originally, assisted living facilities were created as an alternative to nursing homes. They were designed for those who were independent, but in need of some assistance with daily…

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Funeral Planning Can Save Time and Money

“Silence!” Roger Claret roared. “Dad has only been dead 12 hours and already you’re turning his funeral into a circus.” He glared at his brother and sister. “We need to decide what Dad would have wanted, not what you want.” He muttered, “Just because the man enjoyed country music does not mean he wanted the Grand Ole Opry staged at…

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