081: Navigating Senior Transitions

Life is full of changes, and we all experience transitions that can impact our lives in significant ways, whether they are big, small, planned, or unplanned. As an older adult navigating a journey in aging, adjustments often bring on feelings of anxiety and stress, even if they are positive. Whether you’re retiring and slowing down, grieving the loss of a spouse, or moving to a new community that will better meet your lifestyle needs, it can be a challenge to integrate and meet new people.

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk Live, Kirsten is joined by guest Penny Reed of Rossmoor Counseling Services. Penny is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience and expertise in geriatrics, mental health, and the impact of chronic disease on individuals and their loved ones. Penny’s social work background also includes program management, program development, and psychotherapy through various agencies. In this discussion, Kirsten and Penny will be diving into some of the common struggles her team sees among Rossmoor residents, both freshman and senior residents, and how Rossmore Counseling helps.

Some things you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Best practices for seniors going through transitions in life.
  • The impact that support groups and constant daily engagement can have in the life of an older adult.
  • How COVID-19 has changed the way seniors seek support and how communities such as Rossmoor adapt to meet this change.

And more!

Whether you have a senior family member who has recently undergone a transition in life or you find yourself going through one, this is an episode that everyone will find some comfort in because you’re not alone! So, grab a pen and paper, take a seat, and press play.

Big Three from Episode #081

  1. Transitions that occur later in life can be stressful, even if they are a positive transition.
  2. One transition for a senior can result in multiple changes to happen, subsequently resulting in anxiety, confusion, and even depression.
  3. It can be more challenging for a senior to integrate into a new group after going through a transition phase, but that type of engagement is critical for quality of life.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction

1:17 Kristen introduces guest Penny Reed from Rossmoor Counseling Services to discuss common transition struggles Penny sees among Rossmoor residents and how her organization can help.

2:30 What exactly does Rossmoor Counseling Services do? Start listening now to learn more!

4:14 The Rossmoor Community is a big deal in the Walnut Creek area. Penny takes the mic to talk more about Rossmoor for those who don’t know about the community.

10:05 Rossmoor Counseling Services is the counseling resource for the Rossmoor Community, but they also provide other services. Start listening now as Penny discusses their other offerings.

11:30 The services that are the main focus for Rossmoor Counseling fall into the mental health and psychological therapy realm. Here’s what you need to know.

13:15 Penny shares insights on a type of family relationship counseling that they tend to see a lot – can you guess which one? Hint: it’s not couple counseling.

14:57 One of the most common area’s seniors are challenged is grief. Listen as Penny discusses Rossmoor Counseling supports those residents struggling in this area.

17:01 It’s not uncommon for new incoming residents to struggle with adjusting to their new living situation. Start listening to find out how the Rossmoor team aids in this transition.

21:00 Penny talks about the various support groups offered at Rossmoor, including a bereavement group, autobiography group (writing memoirs intro), friendship group, and more.

22:36 Penny shares insights on how the past two years and the COVID-19 pandemic have shifted how older adults cope and how Rossmoor is treating residents.

25:00 Did you know that even if you’re not a resident of Rossmoor, you can still get involved with their events? Listen for more on their community education and various lecture segments.

30:53 Is there a limit to how many times residents can use a particular service or resources?

32:21 What is the status of Rossmoor Counseling Services given the ever-evolving COVID landscape?

Get in touch with Penny!
Penny Reed, Supervisor
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Rossmoor Counseling Services
(925) 988-7752

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