Absolute Trust Counsel to Hold Free Virtual Trust Administration Event for California CFPs and CPAs

The absolute trust academy trust administration 101 continuing education event will examine procedures and preparedness protocols to enhance practice efficiencies.

Leading Bay Area estate planning firm Absolute Trust Counsel will host a free virtual event, The Absolute Trust Academy Trust Administration 101, on October 28, 2022, to equip CPAs and CFPs with a stronger knowledge of trust administration processes. The webinar is aimed at enhancing advisors’ client services and relationships. In addition, this event allows CPAs and CFPs to earn four hours of continuing education credits.

“Trust administration is an important topic for financial professionals for several reasons,” said event host and Absolute Trust Counsel founder, Kirsten Howe. “CFPs and CPAs are often the first professionals contacted upon a death. Why? Because clients trust and depend on their advisors regularly and they have the deepest, broadest knowledge of their clients’ situations. In addition, the trust administration process requires a coordinated effort among the attorney, financial advisor, CPA, and the family. All advisors play an important role in the process. Boosting their knowledge base benefits both their clients and their business. And, having these tools in their arsenal will also help build a more robust plan and head off future problems.”

The event will be held from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM via Zoom and will feature several local experts who will teach the basics of what needs to be done when a client has died. Audience members will learn and implement proven planning strategies and tactics to address clients’ unique needs while maximizing business potential.

“Clients really do rely on their CPAs and CFPs to get them through this very challenging time,” Howe continued. “So we are doing this webinar to help all CFPs and CPAs give even greater service to their clients.”

Event topics and speakers include:

  • Margaret Schopp, CPA, Schopp & Co. – “Tax Compliance: Form 706”
  • Karen Fisher, Principal, Bishop Fiduciary Services, Ltd. – “Helping Clients with Best Practices”
  • Jim O’Dea, Broker Associate, Redwood Mortgage – “Mortgage Loans to Irrevocable Trusts”
  • Madison Gunn, Attorney, Absolute Trust Counsel – “The 7 Basic Steps of Trust Administration”
  • Kirsten Howe, Esq., Managing Attorney, Absolute Trust Counsel – “The ABCs of Trust Planning”

For more information, or to register, visit https://absolutetrustacademy.absolutetrustcounsel.com.