The New Old Age: America’s Elders Fumbling Through the Journey of Aging

Absolute Trust Talk Investigates Coping and Caring for the Crisis Seniors Are Facing

Absolute Trust Talk, a monthly podcast released by Absolute Trust Counsel, recently sat down with Linda Fodrini-Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of Eldercare Services, to discuss the solution to aging with ease. 

Fodrini-Johnson reports that two scenarios are happening with older adults. One, they are looking for experts to help them make decisions as they transition into later years of life, or families are facing older loved ones in crisis and need help to find solutions. 

“Unfortunately, not enough people know that professionals like aging lifecare managers exist. Many stumble on to us by accident not realizing that there is an expert navigator to guide an elder through their troubles with comfort.”

So, what is it that a care manager gives that the family can’t? Asking the right questions about a person’s health care needs outside of what the family knows — asking what gave a loved one’s life meaning and how that will be incorporated regardless of deficits. It’s about making sure the quality of life is still there and that the journey is stress free, Fodrini-Johnson says. 

“Linda is truly a goldmine of information and experience,” says Kirsten Howe, Absolute Trust Talk host and Absolute Trust Counsel Founder. “She knows all the stops and how to get a senior and their family from point A to point B while keeping options for the rest of the journey in sight.”

In Absolute Trust Talk’s Episode #026 – “Expert Advice on Geriatric Care” – Howe and Fodrini-Johnson discuss:

• What geriatric care is
• What families need to think about when it comes to quality of life for an aging parent
• How families should plan for the transition into long-term care
• How eldercare services can help a family save money

The podcast can be downloaded on the Absolute Trust Talk podcast page,, along with a free downloadable resource and exclusive tool: “Moms Moving In – The Rewards, Concerns and Realities.”

It can also be downloaded on iTunes: