027: Is Medi-Cal for Me? Long-Term Care for Disabled People Over 65

Are you worried that you will end up spending all of your savings on nursing home care? Yes, nursing home care does cost A LOT of money. And a high number of us will eventually be in a nursing home at some point. But it is possible, with proper planning, to become eligible for Medi-Cal if you are not already.

In this episode, we will discuss long-term care for disabled people over 65. We will break down what Medi-Cal is and how it differs from Medicare. We will also talk about how to become eligible and dispel some common myths and misconceptions regarding how Medi-Cal works.

Big Three from Episode #027:

  1. Medi-Cal and Medicare are not the same things
  2. A lot of times, people are already eligible
  3. It’s important to see what your options are in terms of long-term care insurance

Time-stamped Show Notes:

1:55–What is Medi-Cal?

2:58–This is the difference between Medicare and Medi-Cal

6:56–Here’s how you become eligible for Medi-Cal

8:34–What assets can you have to qualify for Medi-Cal?

13:21–Kirsten highlights a common misconception on exempt assets

16:35–What should you do if you have too much income?

Episode #027 Freebie:

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Have you or a loved one recently discovered that you have Alzheimer’s disease or another degenerative illness, causing you to worry that the cost of long-term care will quickly exceed your savings? Or are you concerned about placing a burden on your children if you run out of money to pay your long-term care expenses? Or maybe you are already living in a nursing home and your family is in a panic about what will happen if the money runs out. In all of these situations and many more, Medi-Cal may provide the long-term care financing solution you are seeking. Our e-book, Medi-Cal Planning from Start to Finish, together with our expert team, can help you explore your long-term care alternatives and secure the care you need for as long as you need it without depleting your savings or passing the burden onto your loved ones. Download this valuable resource today!

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Helping You With Effective Medi-Cal Planning Strategies

More on Medi-Cal Eligibility Planning

Check Out this Episode!

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Reference Guide 3:

Medi-Cal Resource Limits Handout
Do You Think You Have Too Many Assets to be Eligible for Medi-Cal? We Can Help. Download Our Free Tool to See Exactly How Your Assets Factor In.

Guidebook 6:

Medi-Cal Planning from Start to Finish
Have you thought about long-term care? Do you know how you will finance it? Or, maybe you’re already receiving care, but you are wondering how much longer you can afford it. Together, we will explore your long-term care options and review how to protect your hard-earned assets while still maintaining the level of care you need.