047: The Elder Care Journey – Part 1: Different Types of Elder Care Explained

The elder care journey is called a journey for a reason. It’s not linear, and many times people won’t know what will happen to them as they age. And while it is hard to predict, it’s not impossible to plan for, but it is essential to recognize that the type of care needed and how that care is paid for is a large part of the journey to help an older adult thrive.

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk LIVE, Kirsten discusses part one of the elder care journey that organizes and breaks down the different types of care available. We will discuss different scenarios, how each level of care applies, and, most importantly, how to pay for the different types of care needed. No matter where you or someone you know is in the journey, it’s important to address these topics should the need for care arise, so we hope you will take some time to listen in and share this with your loved ones.

Big Three from Episode #047:

  1. The elder care journey is when a loved one starts to need more advanced help and medical care.
  2. Family members are just as much a part of the journey as the elderly family member.
  3. While the elder care journey is not linear, thinking about the progression as four different levels of care will help you understand the types of care available.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

0:28 – What is “the elder care journey”?

1:38 – Why do families need to think about this journey?

3:50 – What are the types of elder care available? How do you pay for it?

7:23 – Phase two of elder care tends to look like this.

8:46 – Who is our “go-to” for personal care/help for an older family member?

14:39 – What are the activities of daily living? How do they put an elderly family member in another level of care?

18:15 – What is boarding care?

20:20 – What is memory care?

23:55 – Kirsten shares more about a resource specific to veterans.

24:51 – What happens if an elderly family member needs care 24/7?

28:12 – Medi-Cal doesn’t kick in until this level of care.

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned in This Episode:
Absolute Trust Talk Ep. 033 Learning the Language: Long-Term Care Insurance

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