050: Phishing for More: What You Need to Know About the Latest COVID Scams

Fraudulent schemes aren’t uncommon, especially among our senior populations. Since COVID began, we’ve seen a few interesting twists pop up. Scammers have become even more creative at seizing opportunities as they arise. That’s why it is vital to take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets.

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk LIVE, Kirsten will review some of the latest scams that have made their way onto the scene and highlight some important things you can do to protect yourself and your family. It’s more difficult now, but more important than ever to stay connected – especially to our senior family members. We hope you will take the time to listen and share this episode with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Big Three from Episode #050:

  1. This pandemic or new environment that we’re in has opened a new market for a twist on scams.
  2. If anyone is calling you from the government asking for personal financial information – don’t give it to them.
  3. The best defense for older adults who are scammed – an up-to-date estate plan.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

3:00 – How has the pandemic changed the way scammers get you?

5:08 – This is one of Kirsten’s top tips for making new or unusual purchases

6:00 – These types of scams involve people trying to obtain your private financial information

6:41 – Fun fact – the government is not calling you for information!

8:29 – These types of fake people are calling to know more about your medical situation

10:06 – These types of scams happen more so to this age group

10:26 – This is one of the best defenses against these scammers

10:58 – What do you do if you have a parent who really needs to go into an assisted living situation because they cannot safely live at home anymore, but they refused to move

12:17 – What is the best kind of power of attorney, springing or immediate

13:58 – Kirsten reviews the information on the IRS website that she talked about earlier in the podcast

[Ad] Do you have a plan that would enable a trusted family member to step in to protect you from predators? Regardless of whether you have an estate plan or not, we can help review or put a plan into place to cover your bases and safeguard your assets from those who could try to take advantage of you. Scammers wait for no one. Schedule a free discovery call, and let’s discuss your needs today.

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