032: Extending Your Health Span with Dr. Nancy Rolnik

We all age, right? It’s a natural part of our life cycle. But unfortunately, we often fail to take advantage of the lifelong opportunities we are given to maximize our health and age gracefully, ensuring we remain healthy and active as we get into our later years. Dr. Nancy Rolnik, who has special expertise in sports, lifestyle, and regenerative medicine, understands that better than most. Her unique training gives her the knowledge to treat each patient holistically, combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine to help her patients recover and thrive. She is amongst a growing group of regenerative pioneers around the world aiming to help patients heal instead of using band-aids to control pain. Dr. Rolnik knows all too well the pain and suffering that comes from experiencing too many fitness-related injuries, so she easily empathizes with her patients and creates a whole-body treatment plan to help her patients recover from their injuries or reduce chronic pain without surgery or pain pills. There’s no cookie-cutter medicine at Remedy! Her goal is to safely and quickly get her patients back to the sports, workouts, and daily activities that make their lives full. Dr. Rolnik helps you stay healthy for life!

Dr. Rolnik earned her BS in biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and attended medical school at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. She is board certified in family and sports medicine and has worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to advance her training, knowledge, and skills in lifestyle and regenerative medicine treatments to offer patients safe, effective, and state-of-the-art options for injury and pain management.

Joining the show today, Dr. Rolnik and Kirsten discuss the best options for pain management, how health and wellness are vital for maintaining optimal function, and the steps you can take to implement a healthier lifestyle one improvement at a time. Whether you’re an athlete or daily workout junkie, or you experience wear-and-tear pain, this episode will help you recognize what you might be missing and help get you back on track.

Highlights from Episode #032:

  1. Our body is the only true healer of pain. Modern medicine helps the process.
  2. Getting into the groove of a healthy lifestyle can be hard and overwhelming. Pick one thing you want to work on or improve, whether that is giving up soda or going for a walk every day at lunch, and master that. Then, once you have that down, add on something new. Tracking progress with a planner helps.
  3. We all need to take responsibility for our own health and wellness – there is no magic pill or program to make you healthy. Daily efforts to maintain or improve your health add up to a healthier life! Living to an advanced age with vitality requires a plan and consistency.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

5:44 – How do you advise for pain management and chronic pain?

10:20 – How much is enough exercise for the average person?

14:42 – Dr. Rolnik shares an excellent tip for incorporating stretching into your routine.

16:11 – How can maintaining your fitness and wellness impact cognitive needs?

18:55 – How do you compare the health span to life span?

20:50 – What is an even more significant factor in maintaining overall health and wellness?

22:30 – Dr. Rolnik and Kirsten discuss inflammation and how to address that root cause.

25:05 – What are the most common foods that are inflammatory?

32:36 – Dr. Rolnik weighs in on whether coffee is good or bad for you.

36:46 – Kirsten and Dr. Rolnik break down the process of platelet-rich plasma Injections.

Episode #032 Freebie: The Remedy Wheel of Hope

There are various approaches to injury and pain management. Many depend on your efforts, and some depend on the advice and skills of healthcare professionals. The strategy that helps your knee pain, for instance, will look entirely different for someone else. Dr. Rolnik is providing Absolute Trust Talk listeners exclusive access to her resource, The Remedy Wheel of Hope. This pie chart breaks down eight different non-surgical factors that Dr. Rolnik uses in custom combinations to reduce pain and improve function without resorting to going under the knife or using opioids. Some people will improve simply with a few of these options without consulting with a physician, and others need to incorporate all of them in some form or fashion. Dr. Rolnik assesses each individual and formulates the best combination for success. Click here to download your FREE copy now.

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