024: Conservatorships: Powerful Protective Proceedings

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk, guest, Konstantine “Kosta” Demiris, joins Kirsten to discuss all things conservatorship. Kosta has a wealth of experience in all aspects of litigation. He has tried hundreds of cases involving trust, estate, probate, conservatorship, guardianship, elder abuse and fraud, real property and HOAs, family law, dependency, criminal law, and unlawful detainer matters.

An experienced practitioner in conservatorship law, Kosta discusses with Kirsten why clients enter into these types of proceedings and why they can be useful in protecting a loved one. They then turn the tables and explain why one should do their homework before pursuing a conservatorship, how they can go wrong, and why one should first try to look for other possible avenues outside of these types of proceedings.

Big Three From Episode #024:

  1. Do your homework before you decide to go forward
  2. Tread as carefully and lightly as possible
  3. Be aware of how serious the proceedings are

Time-stamped Show Notes:

3:43 – Kosta defines a conservatorship

7:30 – Kirsten and Kosta discuss the difficulties of a conservatorship

9:34 – Kosta highlights the abuse of power of attorney

11:09 – How a conservatorship can help with abuse of a power of attorney

14:22 – Kosta discusses why a temporary conservatorship may be necessary

20:14 – Who can be a conservator?

21:07 – Kosta describes what it’s like to be in a conservatorship

27:08 – What happens when someone gets appointed to conservator?

33:32 – Kosta discusses what a bond is and when it’s used in a conservatorship

38:20 – Kosta talks about how long a conservatorship can last

39:37 – Is it important to have an attorney when in a conservatorship?

44:36 – Kosta shares examples of why/how conservatorships are difficult and can go wrong

For more information on Kosta and his firm, please visit http://demirismoore.com/blog/or  contact Kosta by visiting http://demirismoore.com/contact/.

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