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What Does an Estate Organizer Do?

Estate Organizers specialize in handling the personal, tangible property items during the process of settling an estate, as well as assisting the professionals, individuals, and families involved.

When a client finds us, or an attorney first refers a client to an Estate Organizer, the person has usually just suffered a loss.

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Not only is this person handling the new, and many times unexpected, issues at hand, but they are doing so while grieving. Everything seems harder and much more overwhelming in these circumstances. As a compassionate and experienced professional on your side in a complex and overwhelming process, an Estate Organizer can be the perfect ally.

An Estate Organizer can accompany you while visiting the coroner’s office, funeral homes, or legal counsel — or deal directly with these entities on your behalf. Estate Organizers also offer hands-on, practical assistance in corralling the paper clutter that arises during the settling of an estate.

We can meet with you in your or your relative’s home to open, sort, and manage mail, create a new filing system and/or renovate the existing system, to accommodate the mountain of documents that comes with settling an estate. In this process, we often locate and identify bank accounts, securities, stock holdings, real estate documents, safe deposit boxes, Last Will and Testament or Trust documents, and other relevant papers, sometimes discovering unexpected treasures.

Additionally, when faced with an entire household full of a life of memories, clients often need someone to guide them on what to keep, donate, recycle, or throw away. If appraisers, liquidators, charities, and/or consignment shops are to be used during the property clearing process, the Estate Organizer can act as project manager, coordinator, and liaison.

Clearing an estate may take a few weeks, if not a few months. In the meantime, an uninhabited home can draw negative attention from thieves, as well as lose its value if problems such as structural damage, roof leaks, mildew, damaged plumbing, etc., are not dealt with immediately.

An Estate Organizer can conduct ongoing site visits to examine the property and identify items needing immediate attention and coordinate the appropriate repair service providers.

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Meg Connell, Owner
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Meg has been a professional organizer since 1996 and is a mother of one. She loves to craft, sew, create, organize and design. Her degree in interior design and her years in corporate America and the estate planning industry have created a unique set of interests which shows in her exceptional work with her clients.

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