003: Outside Looking In – Why Professional Fiduciaries Can Be A Better Choice

Walnut Creek professional fiduciary dynamo Karen Fisher joins Kirsten in the studio for episode #003 of Absolute Trust Talk.

Kirsten highlights how many people just don’t know what a professional fiduciary is or that having someone outside the family to administer trusts and estates is even an option. Karen discusses the vast range of services that she offers, the processes that she goes through with clients and how one becomes a professional fiduciary. Karen also weighs in on the enormous benefits that come from having a professional fiduciary.

Big Three From Episode #003:

  1. A professional fiduciary provides a number of services to clients when they are unable to do so for themselves
  2. A professional fiduciary helps avoid conflict, cuts back on legal costs, and, is tax deductible!
  3. A professional fiduciary provides peace of mind, things will get done smoothly, timely and right.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

3:20 – Many people don’t know what a professional fiduciary is, so, what is it? How can it help me with my estate, retirement or trust needs?

6:25 – Why not to name children or siblings as trustees

9:16 – Karen talks about the biggest complaint from a beneficiary

9:50 – Karen talks about the process of becoming a professional fiduciary

11:07 – Karen discusses how she maintains interaction and relationships with clients on a trust that is expected to last for many years

13:00 – How is a professional fiduciary a resource to special needs clients

13:51 – My legal fees go down if I use a professional? Yes! Here’s why…

17:15 – How a fiduciary sees the estate process

Episode # 003 Freebie:

Many people think that once they sign their estate documents and file them away, the job is done. That’s not necessarily true. As host, Kirsten Howe likes to say, “The more bread crumbs you leave behind, the better.” What she means is the more you prepare your trustee and other decision makers to successfully implement your estate plan the better. There are always additional steps and more to be done which can be overwhelming even in the best of circumstances. Whether you have a professional fiduciary or not Absolute Trust Talk guest Karen Fisher has the cheat sheet of all cheat sheets to help you and your loved ones prepare. And believe us when we say, they will love you even more for the extra steps and preparation. Download your exclusive planning document here >>.