043: Empowering the Disabled with Independence

Individuals with special needs and their families face unique challenges when it comes to living, working, and even participating in their community, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t find independence.

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk Live, Executive Director of East Bay Innovations, Tom Heinz joins Kirsten to discuss his organization and the variety of programs they run designed to enable and empower persons with disabilities to live their most productive, independent and satisfying lives.

While there are so many ways that EBI serves the special needs community, Tom and Kirsten will focus on services that include things like daily money management, disability benefits planning, and affordable housing. If you or someone you know is a person with special needs or a trustee of a special needs trust, this episode is a valuable resource.

Big Three from Episode #043:

  1. Special needs persons can find affordable housing through HUD that provides rental subsidies to people who are low income.
  2. Yes, getting a job and making more money can impact your SSI or MediCal benefits, but it will not necessarily terminate them, and there are ways to plan and troubleshoot.
  3. Special needs individuals of all ages, with the right support, can work and live independently.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

3:12 – How does EBI help disabled persons with affordable housing?

8:30 – This is the process for getting people section 8 vouchers

11:26 – Tom discusses how EBI also helps with disability planning

16:28 – These are the most common services that special needs trust beneficiaries use at EBI

19:24 – Tom explains how EBI is expanding its Case Management Services

22:51 – Are there concerns as an increasing number of people with disabilities become seniors in terms of housing and care?

25:01 – How does EBI help with employment?

[Ad] Special needs planning is vital to maintaining a safe, comfortable, and healthy lifestyle for a person with disabilities, however, it needs to be done with extra thought and care to ensure they are still able to access necessary government benefits. At Absolute Trust Counsel, we can help navigate even the most challenging situations to ensure that a person with special needs will be able to thrive. Schedule your free discovery call today and let’s discuss your planning needs.

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned in This Episode:
Disability 101: www.ca.db101.org
Absolute Trust Counsel – Special Needs Tools

If you’re someone who needs to include Medi-Cal planning in your estate plan, we can help. For more information on what Medi-Cal planning should look like, visit https://absolutetrustcounsel.com/practice-areas/medi-cal-planning/ for even more resources to help get you started.