056: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Senior Parents

Unfortunately, there comes the point in life when the family home becomes a burden, whether that is emotionally, physically, or financially. And, usually, downsizing might seem like the way to go, but it doesn’t come without complications. There is so much more to moving and downsizing in the aging journey. It’s not just about buying and selling a home, but rather finding the right solution for the older adults and their families to ensure that everyone involved is thriving.

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk Live, we are thrilled to welcome Seniors Real Estate Specialist Dayna Wilson of Keller Williams Realty – East Bay. Dayna and her team have over a decade of experience providing comprehensive senior-friendly transition services, handling virtually every facet of the process. Today, she dives into what that process looks like, why and how to start planning now, tips on communicating with parents, and strategies for a successful move. If you or someone you know is in the midst of this process or planning ahead, this is an episode not to be missed.

Big Three from Episode #056:

  1. Don’t wait until it’s too late, start planning NOW!
  2. Treat your parents like your partner.
  3. Listen to what’s important to your parents. What do they want to happen?

Time-stamped Show Notes:

5:43 – When is the right time for adult children to have conversations with their parents, and what is the best approach?

7:51 – Dayna shares her top tips on how to make the conversation more comfortable.

9:04 – It’s important to start any conversation with this perspective in mind.

12:57 – When it comes to aging in place, what do families need to consider when trying to accomplish this?

15:46 – 70% of people who want to age in place don’t find it feasible – here’s why.

18:39 – Dayna discusses the best way for adult children to hand a lifetime of belongings that parents have accumulated over the years.

26:18 – Dayna tells us more about her background and how she became credentialed with a focus on seniors.

How to Contact Dayna:

Website: Day-RealEstate.com

Email: Dayna@Day-RealEstate.com

Phone: 925.788.6582

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