091: How to Support Your Parents Through a Downsizing Move

Imagine leaving the home you’ve lived in for 30, 40, or even 50 years and downsizing all of your belongings so you can move to a smaller space or assisted living. This can be a very sad and sentimental experience for many people. How do you sort through all of your belongings that you’ve collected over the years, picking and choosing what stays and what goes? If your parents or other older loved ones are facing this transition, it’s important to support them in every way possible.

In this episode of Absolute Trust Talk, Madison Gunn welcomes husband and wife team Art Lotti and Andriana Mendez, owners of Custom Moving & Hauling. Their passion is to consistently provide a custom personalized experience for seniors who are moving, decluttering, and cleaning out as they prepare for a new chapter in their lives. Their process includes talking through client goals, uncovering the challenges, and then working to provide a creative, efficient, and understanding solution through this deeply personal event in life. Having earned their Senior Move Manager Certification status, Custom Moving & Hauling has prioritized downsizing moves to support their mission: Helping you through life’s many transitions™.

Through this discussion, Art and Adriana will cover:

  • How to determine what to keep and discard leading up to moving day.
  • How to memorialize sentimental items if they cannot be moved.
  • What options are available to remove unwanted items from the home.
  • How to handle moving day with your parents and loved ones when it arrives.

And more.

When faced with this challenging life transition, it can be helpful to involve experts like Art and Andriana not only to manage expectations but also to handle the process’s details and intricacies so it can be carried out as seamlessly as possible, with minimal stress for all. We can’t wait to have you join us and share this episode with your family and friends.

Big Three from Episode #091:

  1. It’s important to be gently realistic with your parents or loved ones as they begin the transition to a smaller living space. Be sensitive to the fact that this process can be overwhelming and extremely painful. Having difficult conversations early in the planning process can alleviate disagreements come moving day.
  2. Finding ways to memorialize sentimental things like photos or other items can help make the process less painful for your loved ones. Some examples would be creating scrapbooks, digitalizing photos, and taking pictures of important things that can’t be taken along.
  3. When moving day arrives, take your loved ones somewhere they enjoy so they don’t have to be involved with or witness the move firsthand.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction

0:24 Madison introduces Art Lotti and Andriana Mendez, co-owners of Custom Moving & Hauling, who focus on helping clients who are going through transitions, including moving, decluttering, or cleaning out for new chapters in their lives.

03:00 What is it like for parents to move out of their house after 30, 40, or even 50 years? It’s difficult and overwhelming, especially considering they can’t take everything with them. Listen now for more on Art’s process of walking people through their homes to help determine what they want to keep and figure out what might fit in their new living space.

06:23 When it comes to helping a parent determine what they want to take with them, it’s best to pick your battles. If they believe something will fit in their new home, let them take it and see for themselves. Andriana shares more here.

07:52 Once your parent(s) have moved into a new space, it’s important to ensure it’s not over-cluttered. A senior’s safety always comes first!

09:10 Dealing with parents’ sentimental items can be challenging. Art and Andriana recommend having those honest conversations in advance to help manage expectations right from the start.

10:53 Andriana offers some suggestions to help declutter photos and methods to properly store and memorialize legacy items in a way they can be remembered, even if they can’t be moved. Here’s what you need to know.

15:05 What are some ways adult children can help support their parents once moving day arrives? Listen in as Andriana explains why it’s best to take your parents somewhere they enjoy rather than watch the move take place.

18:30 Once a senior is moved, what happens to the rest of the items that were left at the house? Do the children take care of things? What are the next steps to finishing up at the property?

20:32 Depending on the client, they may choose to sell or donate some items or have them picked up for hauling. Some people are willing to put in the time to see what may still be of value, while others are not. Hear about the different options available to handle belongings that won’t make it through a downsizing move.

22:53 Once the move is complete, Art and Andriana also offer resources to help with the home, depending on whether it will be rented or sold. Listen here for information on the services they provide.

26:24 Why is hiring a certified senior move manager important? Andriana explains the certification and what it means for clients.

29:21 Shifting gears, Art and Adriana share some insights into what it is like to work together and own a family business.

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