059: Resolving Family Conflict Through Elder Mediation

As family members age, we often find other members becoming involved in caregiving and decision-making. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to conflict as communication and relationships deteriorate in disagreement over an issue that impacts the older adult or the family as a whole. In these cases, it can be helpful to have a qualified third party ask the right questions and help everyone find common ground – a professional we like to call an eldercare mediator.

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk, Kirsten sits down with Katharina Dress, MA. A mediator and facilitator who specializes in helping families understand each other’s viewpoints, reach an agreement, and ultimately make the best decisions about care and planning for aging loved ones and their families. Listen in to learn more about the issues Katharina sees among family members, what causes tension, and some of the approaches she uses to resolve conflict successfully.

Big Three from Episode #059:

  1. Elder mediation can help families reach agreements about legal, financial, and care planning for their aging loved ones and their estate.
  2. Even if you think a conflicting party will not agree to mediation, it’s worth getting in touch with a mediator to find ways to engage the parties in communication.
  3. The ultimate goal is to make decisions that are in the best interest of the elder while considering the needs of everyone involved.

Time-stamped Show Notes:

3:57 – What does an elder mediator do?

4:47 – These are some of the most common issues that families struggle with.

5:35 – Why is it important for the Powers of Attorney to work together?

6:49 – Katharina talks more about how she gets started with a family in conflict.

7:43 – Katharina and Kirsten discuss, generally, what family members are involved in mediation.

9:12 – Every case is different, but this is typically how long an elder mediation case can take.

13:49 – Katharina discusses some of the different training that she offers.

15:49 – This is the type of training needed to become an elder mediator.

17:58 – Are the mediations binding?

19:27 – Should family members get in touch even if they think other members won’t agree to mediation?

21:28 – Katharina shares an example of a successful mediation case.

Get in touch with Katharina:

Phone: (510) 356-7830

Email: katharina@aginginharmony.com

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